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Client Testimonials

Moonlit Night

I absolutely loved my Tarot reading by Vani! I had seen her IG lives and thought she was super insightful and wise, so I wanted to do a personal reading.

The 5 card spread I got was so full of information! It is really incredible how much I walked away with from this spread. I loved her interpretation of the cards and how the cards fit together to tell a story about the choices I have before me. I love how she uses Tarot as a reflection of the inner self.

I also really appreciated the intuitive reading style! I felt like the cards were specifically chosen for me - which hello! they were! I am very grateful for her sharing the messages of her guides with me.

I hope to book again with her soon!

Lucy T


My first Tarot card reading experience with Vani aka Foxywitch was delightful. She did a fantastic job explaining the story and meaning behind each card she pulled. Vani is extremely intuitive, knowledgeable, insightful, and thorough! She easily develops a strong connection with you once the reading starts. The conversations felt very natural as she is calming and very sweet. Thank you again Vani for providing me with such a wonderful reading. You gave me some renewed perspectives on self-empowerment and how to confidently walk my path. You have an amazing gift!

Karen M

Cosmic Pink

I have had the pleasure of having multiple card readings done by Vani, @the_foxy_witch. Every single one of my readings done by Vani were extremely accurate and informational. They were exactly what I needed to hear and offered me so much guidance. Vani is so wise and has such beautiful energy. I highly recommend getting a reading from her, she is amazing!

Stella Shinee

Star Cluster

Vani is an incredible tarot reader. I’m a business coach (and witch on the side), and I invited Vani to be a regular tarot contributor to our monthly Witchual TM calls because I value her readings so much. She is a very gifted psychic in so many ways. I love hearing about all the spirits she interacts with on the daily. She’s such an open channel, with amazing intuitive abilities, and super knowledgeable about, like, all things woo.

Lauren Z


One of the best instructors I've ever met! She's smart, knowledgeable, and very passionate about the topics she teaches. She cares about her students and works very hard to see them succeed. She also has a very likable personality that allows her to get along with almost anyone.

Justin C

Starry Night

I was blown away on how she connected my experiences with the way my current thinking process was going. My writing and clarity of thought improved after one reading. I am looking forward for my next big decision so I can have an excuse to get another reading done. Trust the process and have a open mind. Be relaxed. It's super fun. Thanks Vani.

David N

Zodiac Chart

I booked with Vani for my partner's 70th birthday in August. It was her first time having a reading & it could not have gone better! Vani was warm, explained everything clearly, held space for questions/discussion. The whole experience was beautiful. I will be booking in the near future for myself!



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